Thursday, August 16, 2012

Should we say harsh words?

Yeah, I still want to say, Welcome in Surabaya. Miniature harsh world that lies in the eastern part of Java Island. I know, I should have been prepared to socialize with people of different origin. Because I'm not in my safe zone anymore. Especially with people Surabaya itself. The famous words "jancok" it was.

I remember, from the story of my sister, if the original citizens of Surabaya was very kind. Outgoing, friendly, humane, and more. But, should they say rude things? L I still do not understand. Perhaps because I come from a different city. Although the word "jancok" was considered a normal thing here, but not for me. This word still sounded harsh in my ears.

It is not looks that I do not ever say dirty. But, I did my best to not use these words as good as I can. Because there is a sense of guilt when I pulled out a dirty word. Moreover, I am a woman. I think the beauty of women decreased 99% if they say bad words. So I always make effort to keep my mouth from bad words.

Okay, what I told above is too common. After all, Surabaya’s citizen issued that word in the two conditions. First, they're angry. Second, while joking with bestfriends.

All I want to tell you here is, I'm not too accustomed to my new friends who said bad words. They thought it was not unusual. But still, I do not think it is good word. Can not.

And the most thing I hate now is, some people just say dirty words at the wrong time. Even these words are just like a blank word. Dogs! Dafuq! Etc. > _ < ahhh! I wanted to advise them. But, it's a cultural difference. We must be tolerant. But, I think, if your friend is too much harsh, you can warn them.

Hmm, but I'm still trying and will always use my mouth in an appropriate way. Hopefully, though my environment does not support, I can still decide which one is good or bad. And to my friend, I hope you realize. That you can use those words. But not in every situation. Huuuft. Okey.

Anyway, sorry I do not censor those harsh words. just want to make it feel so real eheheh :p

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