Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I don't believe it..!!

She's my Niece!!! her age is still 14..!! but she is a .. !! oh My God!! what happened with her..

It happened when i finished my lunch in home. my aunt is there.. it was very delicious lunch. Baked Chicken with sambals (indonesian sauce). then my aunt's phone rang. first i didn't care bout the telephone. i still ate my lunch in my room (my bad habit). then i hear my aunt started to cry. i thought, "what happened??" then i open my door..

I saw my aunt sat on the sofa sadly. she looked suffocation. I saw my grandpa stood up and shocked. my grandma just sat down and grumbled. then my grandma asked to my aunt "what happen with your daughter! why she doesn't take care her children!" i just stood up near my door and listened the conversation. "i don't know! she doesn't life with me! she has her own family!" "does she always go out in the night with her friends?" "i think never. hh.. she is a good girl!" "but why did it happen? i'm afraid she will go to the jail. she just a little girl!"

I started to think what happened. then i asked to my grandpa. he still stood up with blank idea. "what happened?" he didn't answer. then i asked to my grandma. "what happened? tell me! i'm confuse!" "Bunga brought DRUGS to her school. and the policemen arrested her. she with her friends proved sell drugs around their environtment. =(" oh god!!! i still cannot believe it! Bunga! She is Bunga! She still in Junior School! and she became drugs seller! oh sooooooooooooo bad! i wanna cry.. ='( then i sat and didn't speak anything.

hmmmm, then i felt, i'm so proud. i'm so happy. i'm so grateful. i have good family. kind family. althought sometimes they make me annoyed, but they always care to me! they always prevent me to be a bad girl..

then i compared with Bunga's family. she is the oldest daughter in her family. she has one sister and 2 brothers that still under 10 years old. but her mother and her father seldom protect her. they think that she can take care herself to be a good old sister. her father just a food seller, her mother doesn't have a job. ohhhhhhh dear.. =( if i was your parent, i will take care you forever and wherever.. but it just too late.. ='( i'm so sorry i can't do anything as your aunt. i still a little girl, too..

then, i went back into my room. i turned on the tv, but i couldn't realise what i saw.. i still thought about her.. =( then my other cousin came. He's Bunga's uncle. he came there to pick up my aunt. they will see Bunga. then they went away.. hope Bunga will not go to the jail!

spirit Bunga! your life still long.. =)


  1. Lets hope Bunga doesn't go to jail :)

  2. ya.. we hope like that.. =)
    thanks for your pray ^^

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