Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my recount story..

When I was in Junior High School, I had four bestfriends. They were Desy, Ilma, Chaca, and Rere. One day after last examinations finished, we had a plan to watching movies in Desy’s house. Before it, we separated. Desy went home earlier to prepare her television set. Ilma and Chaca went to internet’s cafĂ©. I and Rere went to rent the movies.
When I and Rere went there, we felt someone was following us start from our school. And, it became true. Two badboys ride motorcycle and parked in front of the rental movies. They waited us! We were very afraid. We waited and waited, but they didn’t leave us. We didn’t know how to free from them. We felt that we will be die! Oh no. Rere started to cry. And my sweat raced along my face.
And, an idea came. We called Ilma and Chaca to ask for their help. We also called our boyfriends. A few moments later, They came with our boyfriends. Oh My God! We felt so happy.. I thanked to God so much. And, that badboys wouldn’t make a trouble with us. So we could watching movies happyly.
I won’t forget this experience with my besties^^ luv ya all xoxoxoxo


  1. Hey there! Thanks for following my blog. :) I love your layout, it's really cute. :)

    I was just reading your "about me," and I have to say, please don't ever hate yourself. No one can love you like you can, and having your own respect and love is the most important thing in life. Don't ever let people get you down, and don't ever give up on your dreams.

    I wish you the very best in all that you do. :)

  2. thank you.. =)

    yept.. I ever hate my self,, but honestly I always love my self and my life. because I have much friends, and the best family. but sometimes when I have a problem, they can't do anything.. =( I don't know how to solve that problem.. and I feel like a dummy.. I still can't solve my own problem.. they said I just a childish girl.. ='( but,,, most of my life is full of cheerful and happiness,, xoxoxo

    thank you for your support^^ hope we can be bestfriends.. =)

  3. hi there, i was being ur follower, hoped that u can do that too, ehehe..(just kid*) so lets being a friend ^_^.. keep cheers up


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