Friday, June 15, 2012

Color of Body Doesn't Matter

As Indonesian, our skin color is usually tan color, or called sawo matang. but lot of people still think that white skin is the best skin color to wear everything. but it looks like we must erase those opinions. whatever our skin color is okay. look at dark-skinned people. they can mix and match colors and they still looks stylish. and here are some photos that shows exotic-skinned girls. and they looks awesome!

Pink, purple, turquoise, and red are a perfect option for people who are not afraid of attention and who love to play with different styles and shades!
Bright and fresh colors of summer together with naturally bronzed skin will make you look happy and stunning ^^
one to be remembered, don't wear too thick foundations. it will make your face looks 'heavier' .And last, but not least, moisturising is a must. because moisturizer will make our exotic skin become shine and glow =)
Having tan skin can be absolutely beautiful! as long as we confident and comfort with ourselves, Selama kita nyaman sama diri kita sendiri dan percaya diri, it can be guaranteed that our sexy tan-colored skin will become plus point that western girls never has. So, be proud of it!

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