Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Tips for Big Body

Who said that if we have big body we can't wear up to date and stylish fashion? Kelly Ousbourne shows that every girl in every shape can look stylish, if we know the tricks.

Here's some tips for you : 

  1. First of all, understand your body so that you know your strength and weakness. So you know which one to be highlighted or to be hidden
  2. Perfect hair cut. the right hair cut can help you to refresh your appearance and also to manipulate your total look. you can consult to the hair dresser in beauty saloon, which style will be good for you. if you are confident, try the pixie hair a la Kelly Ousbourne
  3. the right size. don't use clothes that are too big or too small, because it will make you looks bigger. and it's good if you are not use too short skirt or short
  4. Waist it up! Waist belt, high waist skirts or shorts, empire line can help you to make illusion of slim and tall. so, they're your best friends!
  5. vertical. as good as for tiny body, vertical line can also help give slim and tall effects. but if you feel comfort and confident as Kelly, you may use horizontal motif. the key is, if you are comfort with what you use, you will always look attractive ^_^
  6. black will instantly slim you up. but don't forget to add up something that is colored so you won't look like you're going to a funeral
  7. keep it simple. choose clothes that have simple cuts. that don't have too much details. puffy or ruffles outfit can be tricky, be careful to choose them. and don't wear clothes that have splashy print! because it will make you look "full"
  8. high heels. don't forget use high heels, girls. it makes your body's posture good
  9. for party gown, if you want to use fitted dress or sexy dress, it's okay. but it's better to choose a light materials dress or gown
  10. accessories. be wise. don't wear too much
  11. don't forget, if you are not confident with your legs or your arms, there is always a help from blazer, cardigan, leggings, and tights. for leggings and tights, it's better to choose neutral color and tend to be dark for slim effect. but if you're confident and comfort, it's alright, girls
  12. BE CONFIDENTwhatever you wear, if you are not confident with yourself. it's useless. so, be confident. nothing is perfect. but there are lot of ways to hide your imperfectionist and highlights your goods 
good luck ^^

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